Getting our help

We give bankruptcy advice face to face, via a drop in service.

If you have a bankruptcy hearing we would suggest that you arrive at least one hour before if you wish to receive advice. However, please note that clients will be seen on a ‘first come – first served’ basis.

Please note that the Court’s daily deadline is 11.45am if you wish to submit a Debtor’s Petition for Bankruptcy and you must have already paid your fees. If you need advice and assistance with your forms you must allow sufficient time and you will need to return on a subsequent day to submit your petition if you miss the deadline.

Our advisers are available:
Monday – Friday
10am – 1pm

The demand is usually greatest in the last hour, so the earlier you can arrive the more likely you are to be seen.

The drop-in service is based in the Thomas More Building which is the Central London County Court:

Room 1
Ground floor Thomas More Building
Royal Courts of Justice

For a map showing the Royal Courts of Justice click here



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