Help us to help you

You can help us, and get the most out of your visit to the Bankruptcy advice desk, by doing the following:

Come and see us as soon as you can

Bring the relevant paperwork

If you have received legal documents such as a Statutory Demand or Creditor’s Petition bring them with you. Put the paperwork you need to bring in a clear order.

If you want help with completing a court document, bring it with you. Fill it in as much as you can before you come to us, particularly if you would like us to check your Debtor’s Petition / Statement of Affairs.

We will require you to fill in a questionnaire about your financial situation before you see the adviser, so please also bring the information about your income and debts with you.

Come prepared

Your advice session will last between 30 minutes and one hour. Please be realistic about what you can achieve in that time.

You can help the adviser by giving a clear and brief summary of your situation. Have key facts and dates written down.

Think about the questions you want answers to. Again, it might help to write them down and bring them with you.

People come to us for advice for different reasons. Some wish to apply to make themselves bankrupt, others have court hearings and are at risk of losing their home. We aim to see people in the order they arrive, but please be understanding if we need to prioritise someone whose need is more urgent than your own.