An example of our help

Our client had a slander claim brought against her by her neighbour, following an argument they’d had in front of other people living in the road.  She was sent a court form when the claim was served and, as she filled it in, she unwittingly ticked the ‘admission’ box.

The claim was heard in the High Court. The judge, although critical of the neighbour bringing such a claim, had no option but to make an award of damages at £1,500 plus costs. The solicitors acting for the claimant put these costs at £33,000.

After researching her case, we instructed a costs draftsman to prepare points of dispute. These were served, and the claimant’s solicitors have now made an offer at half their original amount.

On the advice of the costs draftsman, the client is now negotiating to try to reduce the figure further, with an aim of settling below £10,000. If settlement cannot be reached, the costs draftsman has agreed to represent the client at the assessment hearing.

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