An example of our help

Our Client had lived in Islington since 2006 & attended Islington CAB by appointment.

Our Client was previously resident in Tottenham (prior to 2006) until the Landlord made an inappropriate threat & she was rehoused by Haringey Council in a hostel in Edmonton in July 2006. The Client had received 4 letters from Bailiffs relating to Council Tax Arrears for the Tottenham address, instructed by LB Enfield. Client had visited the Enfield Council Offices & explained what had happened. Presumably there was an error in the transfer of her Council Tax Benefit when she was re-housed in the hostel. LB Enfield told her that they will stop the Bailiffs whilst they investigate.

However, our Client subsequently received 4 Council Tax Bills for period 2006 to 2010 totalling over £4000, from LB Enfield related to the Tottenham address.
The advisor telephoned LB Enfield who apologised but stated that they would require evidence that our Client was in receipt of Housing Benefit for the period in question. The Advisor wrote to LB Haringey on our Client’s behalf &, eventually, obtained written confirmation that she was in receipt of Housing Benefit for the period in question. We are now awaiting written confirmation from LB Enfield that the matter is now closed & neither they nor their agents will pursue our Client further.

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