An example of our help

Our client contacted us because the father of her 8 year old daughter was on the sex offenders register and was requesting unsupervised contact with the child. The mother had previously allowed the father contact but had accompanied the child on these visits.

The father was legally aided and had a solicitor or barrister representing him at the various hearings. The mother wasn’t eligible for legal aid but didn’t have the money to obtain representation herself.

Our client had attended the court hearing and had not understood the technical terms used by counsel and the district judge. She was persuaded that the father did not need to undergo a risk assessment because she had no idea what this meant or whether it was appropriate or not.

On the final hearing before a District Judge the court ordered substantial unsupervised contact.

Our client asked for our assistance with an appeal and was able to get a barrister to assist. The father eventually dropped his case.

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