FLOWS delivering legal advice and representation

Ruchi was referred to the FLOWS Team by a Women’s Aid Service.

Ruchi was seeking a divorce, and the perpetuator progressed from physical aggression to more serious emotional and physiological abuse and began to exhibit more fixated and obsessive behaviour. Ruchi was afraid to report it for fear that it would not be taken seriously.

Ruchi did not want to access Legal Aid. We took her instructions and prepared her application for a non-molestation order using FL401 CourtNav. Within 24 hours, her documents were prepared and an appointment was made with her local family court; she successfully obtained her protective injunction.

The matter was listed for a return hearing. The Respondent attended the hearing and tried to challenge the order. The judge was satisfied with the evidence provided in her application and statement. She was given a 12 months non-molestation order.

Ruchi was immensely pleased with the outcome. Ruchi said that without our help she would have failed to navigate the complex justice system and its procedures.