Hassan's story

How our family legal advice helped Hassan

Hassan wanted advice regarding residence of his 8 year old severely autistic son. The parents are divorced and mother has a two year old child with her new partner. Mother died three days ago after a battle with cancer. The stepfather does not wish to raise the eight year old child and wants to relocate to Poland with his two year child. Client had been told that his son will be taken into care by social services and was very anxious. The child is living with Hassan since his mother’s death and is unable to understand what has happened to his mother.

Advised Hassan that the child will not be removed by social services as they are not involved in the case. We explained that as his housing needs have changed he may need to apply for a child arrangements order so that he is reassured that he has custody and this order can also be used in an application to the Local Authority to re-house him. Advised him on the procedure to make the application. The client was very happy as he said he had been having sleepless nights believing that his son would be placed with foster carers.

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