Sara dropped into the office in a distressed state carrying a bundle of court papers. She spoke very little English and didn’t understand the documents although she had a vague idea that she was being evicted from her privately rented property.

Our Housing Solicitor saw her on the spot and discovered that the client’s landlord had issued her with a Section 21 notice and proceeded to apply to court for a possession order. With the help of a phone interpreter, we went through the paperwork with Sara and explained to her the correct eviction process and what each document was.

During the interview it was revealed that that Sara’s landlord had failed to give her an Energy Performance Certificate or How to Rent Booklet meaning the Section 21 notice was invalid. We assisted the Sara to complete a Defence setting out the reasons for why the notice was invalid.

The landlord’s possession claim was dismissed at the Court hearing. Sara was delighted and since this time has found a new property and was more aware of what rights she had.