Representation in Court of Appeal, Chancery and Queens Bench Interim

We have a number of schemes which can provide representation in:

  • Permission to appeal to the Court of Appeal hearings or submissions

  • Chancery cases

  • Hearings at the Queen’s Bench Interim Court – Court 37.

All representation is free (pro bono) and is the representation at the hearing, which may be remote, that is by phone or video due to the COVID-19 shut down. The Barrister or Solicitor does not take on your case.

All these schemes are delivered in partnership with the Bar Pro Bono Unit and Bar Associations together with solicitor advocates.

  • You will be contacted by the Court Appeal team about the Court of Appeal scheme or can email us @

  • The Chancery Bar Association deliver the scheme called CLIPS. Their volunteers work on cases in Court 10 each week day and if you are not able afford a lawyer they can represent you in your case, emails us@

  • If you wish to bring a case to Court 37 and cannot afford a lawyer let the usher or clerk know as soon as possible and they can direct you to our service. A solicitor or Barrister may be available to represent you, or contact us @