Immigration legal advice

​We are funded by Trust for London to deliver immigration legal advice and this service targets people who who cannot afford to pay solicitors’ fees and in particular people who are vulnerable and have complex cases.

Our immigration solicitor works 3 days a week and is only able to take on specific cases. You can be referred by another agency, such as a Local Citizens Advice or the Personal Support Unit or visit our main reception at the Royal Courts of Justice to complete a referral form.

If we help you our solicitor provides a wide range of immigration advice and can support you through your cases.

The cases we assist with include:.

  • Entry clearance applications and assisting to appeal refusal of such applications
  • Grounds of appeal – advising and assisting 
  • Advising and assisting in making applications to the Home Office whether EEA or under UK immigration Rules e.g leave to remain application
  • Domestic violence applications within immigration rules
  • Challenging Home Office decisions eg advising and assisting with judicial review applications
  • Section 17 Children Act 1989 support
  • Voluntary return applications
  • Family re-union application.We aren’t able to help you if there is a free or legal aid immigration provider in the area you live or are staying.