Litigant in Person Support Strategy

22nd August 2017

Our legal advice is delivered as part of the Litigant in Person Support Strategy – a collaborative project involving RCJ Advice, Bar Pro Bono Unit, LawWorks, Personal Support Unit, Law for Life, and the Access to Justice Foundation.

The Support Strategy involves the pro bono and advice sector as well as others including the Ministry of Justice, HMCTS and the Judiciary.

Our role in the strategy is to deliver legal advice – We assisted a client involved in a complex company law proceedings brought after the breakdown of a joint business venture with her former partner. We assisted the client in obtaining other sides agreement to mediate. We set up a free mediation.A settlement was reached for the sum of £27,500 being negotiated on the client’s property. The claim was for £80,000 (and legal costs) so this represented a substantial reduction.

Thank you again for all your help and support, it was an incredibly lifeline that I never imagined could happen. Someone has waved a magic wand helping me get this sorted which I couldn’t have done on my own to this degree and I am so grateful.

- Litigant in Person client