30th June 2018

Our FLOWS service has a new online tool which can be used to complete FL401 - the application for a non-molestation order or occupation order. We have legal aid solicitor partners across England who are experienced in domestic abuse work who will remotely check the application then offer further legal advice.

FLOWS – Finding Legal Options for Women Survivors is delivered by the Family Team of RCJ Advice, in partnership with Rights of Women.

Online Non-Molestation Order - we have an online module which front line agencies can use to assist a woman to complete a non-molestation order or occupation order. The online form is easy to complete as it sets out questions in a logical order. If anything isn't clear you can ask a solicitor a question online or use help text. Once the content is complete a solicitor will check the content remotely and the online system then produces both the form and the statement which can be submitted to a court. If the woman is entitled to legal aid a local legal aid solicitor will check the form and get in touch to arrange further legal advice.

If you are a front line agency worker or a woman needing help with the FL401 application please contact flows@rcjadvice.org.uk to be set up with a CourtNav account.

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