Make it Work

Make It Work is an employment advice service at Citizens Advice Islington, funded by the Big Lottery Reaching Communities Fund, for low paid workers, new or recently self-employed and small businesses who work, operate or reside in Islington.

Make it Work can advise on any matter so long as their advice has the potential to help low paid workers & the self-employed to maintain that employment.

Make it Work delivers an advice service that helps to build and maintain better working relationships, promotes adoption of good employment practices, increases use of, and access to, entitlements at work, increases confidence in budgeting and claiming benefits or tax credits to achieve a stable income.

Make It Work can help if you work in Islington and are::

  • An owner of a small business employing 5 or less staff.
  • A newly self-employed person.
  • A self-employed person who has been working for 12 months or less.
  • A low paid worker.

For eligible clients with an employment enquiry, Make It Work can help only those individuals whose enquiry relates to their current employment or an employment relationship that ended in the calendar month prior to seeking advice.

Make it Work also  help people who have recently moved into work or self-employment to maintain that employment. They also help small businesses to retain and develop staff.

You can access advice by email to