Debt advice

We can give you advice on what to do about your personal debt issues. You can visit us at the Central London County Court in the Royal Courts of Justice each week day. We can also book you an appointment at any of our sites. You can email us on or phone us on 0203 7458921

The kind of debts we help with are:

  • Bailiffs or Debt Collectors

  • Rent or Mortgage Arrears

  • Council Tax Arrears

  • Gas/Electricity/Fuels Arrears

  • Credit cards, Loads, Overdrafts

  • Payday Loans

We can help you budget and negotiate realistic payments towards your debts. We can also tell you about other debt options such as Debt Relief Orders.

The advice we give you is confidential and free.

You can help us by bringing in paperwork about your income and expenditure and details of your debts.