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We deliver free legal advice if you have a case in the County Court, High Court & Court of Appeal and can also provide representation in some cases

How we can help

We deliver free legal advice if you cannot afford a solicitor and have a civil case in a County Court, High Court or Court of Appeal. We can deliver this by phone, email or video conference.

We have a number of leaflets that cover each stage of a civil court claim. Leaflets 4 and 5 contain templates which people have told us they find useful. Please note these leaflets are not a replacement for legal advice, the content is currently being updated as some is out of date.

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Our office at the RCJ Advice is currently closed due to Covid-19

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To find out whether we can help you, please answer a few simple questions about your case. Remember, our service is free, confidential, impartial, and we are independent of the court.

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