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We deliver free legal advice if you have a case in the County Court, High Court & Court of Appeal and can also provide representation in some cases

How we can help

We deliver free legal advice if you cannot afford a solicitor and have a civil case in a County Court, High Court or Court of Appeal. We can deliver this by phone, email or video conference.

Please note the message on the home page of our website. During August all our appointment are full and we have provided a list of other organisations to help you.

We will have appointments in September and please visit our website then for information how to book.

All our legal services are for people who cannot afford a lawyer and if we find you can afford to pay for legal advice we have to stop advising you.

Our legal services are also for people resident in the UK who have a case in a court in England & Wales.

Our civil team cannot assist with criminal cases, personal injury or probate, we can give you details of solicitors or other agencies that can help you.


We have a number of leaflets that cover each stage of a civil court claim. Leaflets 4 and 5 contain templates which people have told us they find useful. Please note these leaflets are not a replacement for legal advice, the content is currently being updated as some is out of date.

Useful materials are also available on


Support through Court can offer non-legal support and their office in the RCJ can be contacted at 0207 947 771 and

You can also call them on 0300 081 006 which is their national line.


If you have a court hearing at least 3 weeks away you can seek representation from Advocate, the Bar Pro Bono Unit. You can complete an assessment form on

Our email address can be contacted if you need help finding an organisation or have an emergency.

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Our office at the RCJ Advice is currently closed due to no spare appointments being available during August.

Our office will reopen on 1st September

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To find out whether we can help you, please answer a few simple questions about your case. Remember, our service is free, confidential, impartial, and we are independent of the court.

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