Civil Legal Advice

We can help you if you have a civil case in the Court of Appeal or High Court or County Court

We deliver a daily legal advice service which is via an appointment over the phone. We can help you if you have a case, or are thinking of taking a case in the Court of Appeal or High Court or the County Court. We do not give advice on criminal or probate matters.

Once you have completed this initial assessment form and/or call us on 0203 475 4373 2.00pm - 4pm each Monday, Wednesday and Friday and once we have identified we can help, our qualified solicitors will give you free legal advice including help with:

  • The process you need to follow in court
  • Making applications to the court
  • What could happen in the court case

Please note the message on the home page of our website. During July & August we will have reduced appointments available and whilst we will always try to help you it may not be possible to be granted an appointment during the summer months.

We can also make referrals to free (pro bono) representation or a legal option about the merit of your case, free mediation or free advice from a costs draftsman about orders for costs against you.

We are not able to help you if you are able to afford legal advice, if we believe court action is not the right action or if it a legal area we don’t advise on such as crime or probate.