Welcome to RCJ Advice

We deliver free legal advice to people with a court case in the civil and family courts in England and Wales.

Applying for an appointment

Before you apply for an appointment please read our lists of what our civil legal team do and aren't able to help with, and what our family team can help with.

  • If you wish to apply for an appointment please complete an assessment form for civil or family legal advice and once we have reviewed it we will be in touch and if we can help you we will send you a link to book an appointment.
  • If you do not have a court case, or are not about to come to court, you should seek advice from a local organisation first - please see other civil legal organisations or other family legal organisations that can help you
  • We have a range of other legal advice and support services and this website contains details of how to contact them.

You should return your civil assessment form to civiltriage@rcjadvice.org.uk

You should return your family assessment form to familytriage@rcjadvice.org.uk

If you are not sure which of our services can help you, or want details of organisations that can provide early legal advice please contact us at admin@rcjadvice.org.uk

Our other advice projects include:

Domestic abuse - We deliver free legal advice for women survivors and you can call us on 0203 745 7707 or email us flows@rcjadvice.org.uk.

If you want legal protection via a non-molestation order or occupation order please register for CourtNav FL401 This is available to anyone and is available all the time, including bank holidays.

Time Together child contact - Judges and magistrate refer families for contact and you can also apply for a self referral place for 6 supervised or 6 supported child contact sessions. Ring our team on 07766 682936 Monday - Thursday for further details including costs.

Housing - Our legal aid housing team provide advice on a range of housing issues if you are entitled to legal aid such as threatened eviction, or homelessness and can be contacted at housing@rcjadvice.org.uk

Employment - If you need advice on employment problems you are facing and you live in London please email our team on elas@rcjadvice.org.uk and we can help if we are able to. Also see our employment page on this website for our referral form.

If you have any queries about how the courts are changing the way they are dealing with cases please check www.gov.uk for for the latest announcements.

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