Welcome to RCJ Advice

We deliver free legal advice to people who cannot afford a solicitor and need assistance with preparing, or dealing with a court case in the civil and family courts. All our services are currently operating by email, phone and by zoom.

We also have a range of other projects. These are listed below and please see the website page for the service you need for further details.

Civil - For anyone with a civil case in a County Court, High Court or Court of Appeal who needs legal advice and cannot afford a lawyer please read our civil triage form, complete this form and email to civiltriage@rcjadvice.org.uk. You can also call us on 0203 475 4373 between the hours of 2pm 4.30pm each week day.

Debt - if you are worried about debts, including bankruptcy please contact us as soon as possible on debt@rcjadvice.org.uk or you can phone 0203 869 3195 on Thursday and Friday.

Domestic abuse - We deliver free legal advice for women survivors and you can call us on 0203 745 7707 or email us flows@rcjadvice.org.uk.

If you want legal protection via a non-molestation order or occupation order please register for CourtNav FL401. This is available to anyone and men and other people facing domestic abuse can also contact our family legal team for legal advice (see family below).

Employment - If you need advice on employment problems you are facing please email our team on elas@rcjadvice.org.uk and we can help.

Family - For anyone with a family case such as divorce, children or finance who needs legal advice and cannot afford a lawyer please read our family triage form and email to familytriage@rcjadvice.org.uk. You can also call 0203 745 8921 to discuss if we can offer you an appointment.

Housing - Our housing team provide advice on a range of housing issues such as threatened eviction, or homelessness and can be contacted at housing@rcjadvice.org.uk or call 020 7947 7484.

SPIPS - We deliver the Separated Parents Information Programme (SPIP) by zoom. This is a 4 hour course which looks at how to put the needs of children first during separation. If you have a court order SPIPS are provided free. If you want to attend a SPIP privately there is a charge. Please contact SPIPS@rcjadvice.org.uk

Please see how all our services can assist you and use the details given to contact the services.

If you have any queries about how the courts are changing the way they are dealing with cases please check www.gov.uk for for the latest announcements.


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