FLOWS - Finding Legal Options for Women Survivors

FLOWS – Finding Legal Options for Women Survivors is going to be delivered by the Family Team of RCJ Advice, in partnership with Rights of Women.

We have been funded by the latest round of the Tampon Tax Fund to expand access to legal advice for women experiencing domestic abuse through the provision of phone and email consultancy advice, digital tools, and an online forum for the front line workers who assist women.

Please note that FLOWS is for organisations and the staff and volunteers that work in them, not for members of the public. If you are a member of the public wanting legal advice in relation to domestic abuse please contact us using admin@rcjadvice.org.uk

FLOWS – Finding Legal Options for Women Survivors is going to be delivered by the Family Team of RCJ Advice, in partnership with Rights of Women.

FLOWS addresses a significant gap in the availability of legal-advice resources for front-line professionals in Women’s Refuges, Women’s Aid organisations and organisations that provide safe environments to disclose abuse: for example, local Citizens Advice services, law clinics, and court-based services such as PSU.

Staff and volunteers in FLOWS participant agencies will have access to:

A FL401 CourtNav module which the front line staff can assist women to use to respond to questions that will populate a non-molestation order.

Responses to the CourtNav questions will be checked and verified remotely by RCJ Advice solicitors or a local ‘buddy’ legal aid provider identified by LAPG (the Legal Aid Practitioners Group).

Once the CourtNav answers are verified by a solicitor, the information will populate relevant court forms ready for submission. Online submission for emergency cases will be in place as well as for other applications.

Women who are entitled to legal aid will then have access to a legal aid fim

Front-line workers will then be supported via the phone, email and discussion forum consultancy services to help women who fall outside of legal-aid entitlement, including trying to explore pro bono representation for the woman. This phone and email consultancy line will be hosted by RCJ Advice and the team will also be able to provide legal advice and information in relation to domestic abuse queries agencies are receiving.

Rights of Women will Rights of Women will host a FLOWS on-line discussion forum specifically for front-line practitioners. The intention is to facilitate peer-support and the sharing of best practice in relation to case. The forum will also host advice-tools including templates and learning-materials

RCJ Advice will research areas where advice is difficult to access and, from month six provide grants to two agencies in different parts of the country to host a family solicitor.

FLOWS is just getting started and the CourtNav module will be available by the end of June. If you a front line organisation and are interested in getting access to the legal advice and tools that will be available via FLOWS please contact flows@rcjadvice.org.uk for more information.