Family legal advice

We have a service within the Central London Family Courts on the 4th floor. It is open 9.30am - 4.30pm Monday to Friday. When you visit us for the first time, we will ask you to complete an assessment form that will help us identify if we can offer you an appointment. Your appointment is likely to be in the next week or so. Our service is by appointment and you are given a 45 minute appointment to see one of our solicitors.

Our qualified family solicitors provide legal advice to people who cannot afford a lawyer and have queries about a family matter which is likely to come to, or is already in court. The kind of cases we help with include divorce and the ending of civil relationships, cases involving the care, contact or access to children, financial matters as well as abduction, domestic abuse and other family matters.

We aren’t able to give advice if you already have a solicitor or can afford to see a solicitor. We are not qualified to give advice on any other matters but can direct you to organisations that can help you.

We give free and confidential legal advice and we are independent of the Court.

We give advice on what you steps you should take with your case, how to apply to the court, and how you can respond to what the court ask you to do.

We can assist you in completing a divorce petition or non-molestation order remotely via our online system CourtNav.

We do not take on your case, or tell you if you have a case, but give advice about how you can proceed with your case. If you need representation, or specialist advice about if your case has merit we can refer you to the Bar Pro Bono Unit.

Last year, 2017/18 we gave legal advice in relation to 4000 family matters.