Housing legal aid

Our housing team provide advice on a range of housing issues for people who are entitled to legal aid.

These include legal advice if:


You are being threatened with POSSESSION of your home

You are being threatened with EVICTION from your home

You are seeking REPAIRS to rented accommodation where your landlord is refusing to carry out the repairs and the disrepair pose a SERIOUS RISK OF HARM TO HEALTH OR SAFETY

You have been or are being threatened with UNLAWFUL EVICTION

You are being harassed by a neighbour or your landlord and require an INJUNCTION to enable you to continue to live in your home safely.

Your landlord has applied for an ANTISOCIAL BEHAVIOUR INJUNCTION against you in the County Court.

We do not advise, or act for, landlords.

You must be eligible for Legal Help and provide proof of income at your first visit. Please complete the Legal Aid Eligibility Calculator to find out whether you qualify for help. If you do, please call us on 020 7947 7484 or email us @ housing@rcjadvice.org.uk and we will advise whether we can help with your particular matter.