Jenny owed £11,000 in school fees and sought our advice when she received a notice of a bankruptcy hearing but she had not previously received a statutory demand. Jenny was advised to seek an adjournment, and acquire the statutory demand. Jenny was successful in seeking an adjournment. We advised her to reach a repayment arrangement

Jenny returned and told us that she had agreed an additional monthly payment of £500 prior to the hearing. Her daughter is still at the school in question, so Jenny wanted to find a resolution to the issue. Jenny wanted to know how she could get the bankruptcy petition dismissed because she does not want the bankruptcy petition hanging over her head.

We advised:

  • To ensure that keep to the agreed payment arrangement
  • Could agree to a voluntary charging order to address her anxiety and could subsequently be removed by the court.

Post the hearing months later Jenny returned to thank us for our advice. Jenny stated that it was a great outcome as the petition was dismissed without cost and the creditor had been instructed to vacate the caution (charge) entered against her property Jenny was advised to contact the Land Registry to ensure that the Creditor had done so.