Case study: Janie

Janie was working as a customer training manager for over 8 years. Her employer underwent a restructure and Janie was told that her role was to be ‘assimilated’ into the role of Customer Training Coordinator with a £5k decrease. Janie said she believed the roles were similar. Janie wanted to be made redundant but her employer were not treating it as a redundancy.

Our Citizens Advice Islington employment caseworker advised Janie that it was likely that this was a redundancy situation and that she could look to show that her employer’s need for work of a particular kind has ceased. We advised Janie to compare the different facets of the two jobs in terms of tasks, increase in travel time, potential loss of status, her position within the organisation in addition to the change of title and salary. We advised Janie that she may be able to offer that the new job is not a suitable alternative job. We advised Janie that if her employer did not accept that it is a redundancy, she would have the option of resigning and claiming unfair dismissal.

Janie later sent an email to confirm that they were making her redundant and that she would receive contractual redundancy pay which Make it Work had estimated to be around £23k based on the information given. Janie thanked our employment worker for their help and advice.

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