​Family Mediation at RCJ Advice

During Mediation we encourage you to have respectful discussions that create better understanding. We help you to communicate your perspective clearly so that you can be heard and reach an agreement

One thing about Mediation that’s important to know

What might not have worked yesterday or even today, can often work tomorrow

Even if you have tried mediation before, circumstances change and arrangements for children can be re-visited as children grow older

Mediation can help if you...

  • Lived together, were/are married or had/have a civil partnership
  • Are about to separate, have recently separated or have been separated for some time
  • Want to sort out arrangements for children or to arrange child maintenance
  • Have a child or children with somebody you have never lived with
  • Have a shared interest in a financial matter, joint assets, or property
  • Are a grandparent or other family member who would like to make arrangements to see a child/children
  • Need to attend a Mediation Information and Assessment Meeting (MIAM), before you can make an application to court
  • Have experienced domestic abuse in the past.

The mediator will help you consider if mediation is safe for you at this time

Ministry Of Justice – Understanding Mediation

Legal Aid is available for Family Mediation, you might be eligible for free mediation. When one person is eligible, the other person gets their MIAM and first session free

Book a MIAM

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